When your home has a cellar, you might find spiders lurking around down there. Cellar spiders are among the more common spiders you’ll find in this part of your home. Find out how to identify these spiders, when to call Hilton Head Island pest control for them and how to prevent them.


Identifying Cellar Spiders

Cellar spiders can be either short-bodied or long-bodied. These spiders are commonly called daddy longlegs due to their appearance. Cellar spiders typically have long, thin legs and smaller bodies that have an oval shape. They can range in color from a light yellow or light brown to gray. These spiders can grow to be up to 3/8 of an inch in size as adults, with females being larger than males. Cellar spiders have eight legs like other spiders do, but theirs are longer and thinner than usual.


Cellar Spider Behavior

Cellar spiders build webs that have an irregular shape. They tend to look for areas that provide them with plenty of moisture and humidity, which includes basements, barns and sheds. After building their web, they typically stay upside down on it while waiting for insects or other prey to catch. Cellar spiders don’t get rid of their webs and build new ones over time. Instead, they just keep adding to webs they have already built, which can lead to thick webs in infested areas. When they become alarmed, they shake their web to stop potential threats. This behavior also helps them trap prey that is on or close to their web.


Problems with Cellar Spiders

Should you worry about cellar spiders in your home? Cellar spiders are not know to be poisonous or venomous to people or pets. These spiders aren’t aggressive and normally won’t bite. They also don’t carry or spread any diseases. However, cellar spiders are nuisances when they get into homes mainly due to the thick, unsightly webs they build in basements and other areas. You can end up with several of these webs if you have a cellar spider infestation.


Dealing with Cellar Spiders

You can usually catch the occasional cellar spider and get rid of it, but what happens if you have several of them? If your home has a cellar spider infestation, you should have Hilton Head Island pest control professionals handle it. Pest control technicians can find cellar spiders and eliminate them from your basement or any other area of your home that they have infested. Relying on professionals helps ensure that your cellar spider problem is thoroughly dealt with, so these pests won’t continue to fill your basement with webs.


Cellar Spider Prevention

What can you do to discourage cellar spiders from taking up residence in your home? Since these spiders can get in through the smallest cracks and gaps, you should go around looking for these kinds of openings. When you find any, especially around doors or windows, you should seal them up. This cuts down on the potential entry points that cellar spiders can use to get inside.


Since cellar spiders prefer humid areas, you should also dehumidify your basement to lower the moisture levels. Other ways to stop these spiders from becoming a problem include storing firewood away from your house and using yellow bulbs for lighting in basements, since these spiders are often drawn to white lighting.


To lower your risk of startling these spiders, make sure you shake shoes before you put them on. You should also avoid leaving piles of clothing or boxes of clutter around your home, especially in your basement. Instead, store items in sealed containers that cellar spiders can’t get into.


If you have a problem with cellar spiders in your home, contact Island Pest Control. Our technicians provide high-quality Hilton Head Island pest control services for spiders and other pests that invade your home.