Mosquitoes are notorious for spreading several diseases throughout the world, including in South Carolina. The Aedis aegypti mosquito species makes its home in our state, which could be putting you and your loved ones at risk of getting the Zika virus. It’s important to know more about this virus and schedule Hilton Head mosquito treatments to lower your risk of getting a mosquito-borne disease.

How Mosquitoes Spread Disease

How are mosquitoes able to transmit diseases? These pests can harbor viruses, bacteria and other germs that causes certain diseases. When they bite in order to feed on blood, they can infect people or pets with these diseases. West Nile virus is among the more common diseases that mosquitoes tend to spread in the U.S. In other parts of the world, these pests spread malaria, dengue and other serious illnesses. Zika virus is usually seen in parts of Africa, Central America and South America, but it has shown up in the U.S.

Zika Virus Threat

While Zika virus has been around for years in other countries, it’s a newer disease in the U.S. Cases of this disease have been low in the states, and these haven’t been caused by mosquitoes that are already here. Instead, people have ended up with this disease after traveling to Central America and other places that have these infected mosquitoes. However, with climate change and other factors, experts have warned that Aedis aegypti mosquitoes in the U.S. could start spreading Zika virus.

Effects of Zika Virus

What happens when you have the Zika virus? This disease doesn’t always cause severe or serious symptoms in those who are infected. In some cases, only mild symptoms or no symptoms appear. However, there is evidence that men who have this disease can end up with a neurological disease known as Guillain-Barre. Babies born to women who have been infected with the Zika virus can have serious birth defects, such as microcephaly. This condition causes babies to have an abnormally small head, which affects their cognitive development.

The Spread of Zika Virus

The Zika virus spreads through the bite of infected mosquitoes, but it can also infect people in other ways. Mothers can pass this disease to their babies at birth, and it can also be spread through sexual activity and blood transfusions. Mosquito bites are the most common way that this disease spreads.

Symptoms of Zika Virus

Roughly 20 percent of those who have the Zika virus develop noticeable symptoms that lead to a diagnosis of this disease. In general, the Zika virus causes symptoms that mimic the flu, such as a fever, achy joints and muscles, fatigue and headaches. Other symptoms that can occur include eye redness and an itchy rash. When symptoms do appear, they tend to show up within a week after the person has been infected. Doctors can do a blood test to diagnose this disease.

Treatment for Zika Virus

Like many viral illnesses, there aren’t any standard treatments for the Zika virus. Those who are infected typically need to wait for it to run its course. Over-the-counter acetaminophen pain and fever medication, rest and plenty of fluids are the general treatment methods for this illness.

Preventing Mosquito Problems 

Although the Zika virus isn’t a threat in South Carolina yet, it’s still important to protect your family from these pests. Hilton Head mosquito treatments are an effective way to make sure that your property stays protected from mosquitoes throughout the warmer parts of the year. You can also prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property by getting rid of standing water for their eggs, such as in bird baths and gutters. Covering up and wearing a mosquito repellent can also prevent bites.

If you need Hilton Head mosquito treatments for your property, contact Island Pest Control.