Look Out For Mosquitoes Even During The Winter
Look Out For Mosquitoes Even During The Winter

People and their four-legged pets might become less active during the cold weather months, but Hilton Head pest control is usually a year-round requirement. What animal and insect intruders should you be on the alert for this winter?

How Insects Trigger the Food Chain

Mosquitoes are usually considered to be exclusively a summer problem, but dampness and humidity during the winter means that the conditions are still right for them. When mosquitoes are around, other insects aren’t far behind.

The presence of insects is the beginning of a domino effect involving pests. Insects attract lizards, toads and other animals in search of a meal. As these small critters become more plentiful, they in turn bring out bats, snakes and other predators to complete the chain.

Last winter, the climate cycle known as El Niño was historically strong, causing weather that was warmer and wetter than usual. As a result, there were a record number of reports involving snakes, moles and other common pests.

Be On the Lookout

Our Hilton Head pest control experts recommend that you regularly inspect your home for pests during the winter months, particularly if you experience flooding or excessive dampness. Don’t forget to check your yard and outdoor property, which may be harboring snakes or moles.

Safe, Fast and Effective Hilton Head Pest Control

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